who we are

katie-colourThe white cleaning co was set up by Katie Phillips in 2011. Katie has always enjoyed cleaning and genuinely believes that a clean living environment can have an almost medicinal effect on how you feel. This passion, combined with an attention to detail acquired through Katie’s legal career, means that the white cleaning co can make a real difference to your home or workspace.

Katie can tailor a cleaning schedule to suit your requirements and budget. To see lasting results, regular visits to your premises would be ideal, but the white cleaning co can also work wonders in short blasts too!

Perhaps you are fed up of spending a quarter of your weekend cleaning the house, or want to impress the new girlfriend on her first visit to the flat, or the family is visiting at the weekend and you just know they’ll notice the dust on the window sill?! Alternatively you might run a business and understand the difference a nice workplace would have on morale and productivity?

Whatever the scenario why not do yourself a favour and hand the cleaning over to the white cleaning co. Katie has helped her family and others enjoy their homes and businesses: let her do the same for you too.