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We’re celebrating the cleaner!!

Cleaning is a necessity but many choose not to do their own because they don’t like doing it or they don’t have the time. Many see it as a menial task only suited to certain people.
It is more than just cleaning and not everyone is good at doing it, even those with PhDs, and yet many look down their noses at cleaners or pass it off as an easy job that anyone can do.. No, it doesn’t require a qualification to be good at it but it does require common sense, initiative, an eye for detail and a good work ethic. Cleaners can actually advise you on a number of things.. not just products! We go into many peoples houses and we see and hear all sorts of things. We see what colour floor tiles and grout are the best for hiding dirt! What colour granite worktops don’t show the everyday smears. That keeping your shower screen free from damaging watermarks in your new bathroom which you’ve just spent a small fortune on just involves a couple of seconds using a squeegee after each shower (sounds obvious I know but you wouldn’t believe how much of a revelation this can be to some). We can probably advise you on how to declutter your home as we hoover under and round the same pile of newspapers/magazines/pile of clothes for months on end! The list is endless!

I trained as a solicitor and I am immensely proud that as a result of being made redundant I have created jobs for a lovely team and provide a service that enables people to walk in through their front door to a lovely clean home. Eight years on I can assure you that there is far greater job satisfaction from providing this service than the previous profession I worked in!

Never underestimate the power of a good cleaner! Value, appreciate and respect them! Everyone wants to change the world, no one wants to clean the toilet!

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