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laundry services

laundry services

Do you sometimes look at that pile of washing and ironing and wish there were a laundry fairy? Why not let The White Cleaning Company take on the mundane task of laundry? Help with the laundry is a popular request from our extensive list of housekeeping and home management services. Laundry is one of those tasks that seems to never go away, especially in poor weather when it cannot be hung out to dry. Why not let us lend a helping hand?

Whether it’s a pile of laundry on returning from holiday, the weekly wash, or a bed change, they’re all jobs that our staff will do for you. We will sort the laundry into lights, darks, and any special clothing like delicates, then wash them according to the care instructions on the garments or items. We will always use your preferred products. After the wash, we’ll hang the items out to dry on a line or sort them into your tumble dryer, whatever your preference. Alternatively, we can whisk it away and return everything fresh, clean, and pressed. Heavier items such as bedding, towels, duvets can be catered for as can dry-cleaning. 

Our popular laundry service is ideal for busy parents, working couples or people who simply don’t like the job! Please, ask for details.

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