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We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional cleaning service, be it in relation to home management or your business.

house management services

house management company

Are you one of those busy people who would like more freedom to do the things you love rather than housework? The White Cleaning Co offers a range of house management services to take those mundane tasks off your hands. We have an extensive list of housekeeping support, including domestic cleaning, concierge, house sitting and AirBnB services.

All our services are bespoke and geared to give you the help you need when you need it. We work in properties of all sizes and you don’t need to be at home. We are fully insured and employ trustworthy, experienced staff who love their jobs.

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domestic cleaning

domestic cleaning

For many people cleaning the home is a task that never goes away, a time stealer. Add to this the laundry and ironing and precious hours have soon been swallowed up. One answer is to have a cleaner and this is where The White Cleaning Co comes in. We have enthusiastic, professional cleaners ready to come into your home and take those chores off your hands, giving you the freedom to do the things you love.

The White Cleaning Co’s domestic cleaning services are tailored to your individual needs and budget. Imagine leaving for work in the morning and returning home to find it spotless. We can also arrange for the laundry and ironing to be done and pets are no problem.

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Katie’s professional background we know how important it is to provide an attractive and professional business place, but also a clean and safe working environment for your employees. We will carry out a consultation and work with you to establish an efficient cleaning schedule to cater for your businesses needs.