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How much is a housekeeper in the UK

How much is a housekeeper in the UK

How much is a cleaner?

Good housekeeping is an important part of any home, and hiring a cleaner or housekeeper can be expensive but a very worthwhile service, after all most people’s homes are their primary asset. Depending on the size of your property, the frequency of services, and the level of cleaning experience required, the cost can vary greatly.

Professional cleaners can start at £20 per hour for standard cleaning duties or up to £50 per hour for more specialised tasks.

Factors that can affect the cost of cleaning and housekeeping services:

  • Size and condition of your home – larger homes will take longer to clean and require more time
  • Number of occupants – the number of people residing in a home will determine the amount of mess
  • Frequency of cleaning – the more often a housekeeper has to visit, the less expensive the rate
  • Types of services – extra services such as ironing or pet care may incur additional charges
  • Location – as with any service, prices may be higher in more affluent areas
  • Experience of the housekeeper – when it comes to hiring a housekeeper, the experience of the individual can make a difference in price. Housekeepers with more experience or expertise may command higher rates.

The right choice for you will depend on several factors, including your budget, the level of services needed, and any special requirements that need to be met.

A good cleaner is worth the money in terms of time savings and peace of mind. There is no better feeling than walking into your home after a busy day at work to spotless home that smells beautiful, the beds immaculately made, and the laundry folded and put away.

What exactly does a cleaner do? 

It is important to discuss in advance exactly what services they will provide, such as:

  • dusting
  • ironing
  • mopping floors
  • laundry
  • cleaning bathrooms
  • internal window cleaning
  • vacuuming

How often should a cleaner come?

  • For a spotless home, cleaning teams should come weekly or fortnightly.
  • Ultimately, it depends on your living space and personal requirements.
  • It is important to discuss with potential cleaning services the type of services you require and make sure that you are both clear on your expectations before agreeing on any schedule.
  • Additional services such as ironing or pet care will incur additional charges.

What is the average cost of deep cleaning a house?

When your home needs a thorough clean, you can count on needing extra help from your house cleaner. Subsequently, the cost may be up to twice as much compared to their regular cleaning prices. It may cost you at least £100 for a 4-hour deep clean.

How much is a full-time housekeeper ?

Generally speaking, a full-time housekeeper’s salary outside London can cost between £150 and £1000 per week, depending on the level of experience required and the type of duties to be performed.

You should agree in advance on the housekeeper’s working hours, whether you require them to live in or out, and any additional benefits you are willing to provide. Before making the commitment to hire a full-time housekeeper, it is important that you consider all the costs involved and if the additional expense will be worth it in terms of time saved.

Ultimately, a good full-time housekeeper saves time and provides peace of mind, particularly if you have more than one home and are away regularly.

What exactly does a housekeeper do?

A housekeeper does all of the above services of a cleaner but also provides a more bespoke service which can really create value if you have a busy lifestyle. Depending on your budget a housekeeper can do tasks such as:

  • Organising (closets, cabinets)
  • Meal preparation and planning
  • Errands (grocery shopping, dry cleaning)
  • Outdoor tasks (watering plants, patio cleaning, garden furniture)
  • House sitting and security (when on site)
  • Comprehensive household management (scheduling repairs, managing deliveries)
  • Personal/Executive Assistant tasks (booking appointments, managing calendars)
  • Childcare support (babysitting, school drop-off/pick-up)

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