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House Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Services

The White Cleaning Co has been making homes sparkle with bespoke house cleaning services for approaching twelve years. Over that time, we’ve cleaned many different homes with occupants who live all kinds of lives. For each and every one we aim to provide quality cleaning that not only meets our customer’s needs but exceeds their expectations. That’s a big call, so how do we achieve this and how do you get the best from house cleaning services?

Do you need house cleaning services?

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It is one of life’s certainties, that dust settles, and you clean it away only for it to appear again. Add to that everyday living which brings dirt into our homes and splashes surfaces with grime. It comes in on our clothes, and our shoes and blows in with the wind. Keeping up with cleaning is a regular and time-consuming task. On top of that are all the other domestic chores that eat away at our precious time. The best way to tackle this is to have a regular routine and deal with mishaps and one-off messes as they happen. A regular routine will help you to keep on top of things. You also need to take into consideration other chores and if there’s a large household, use delegation!

However, there are times in our lives when things can overwhelm us. We find keeping up with the house cleaning a real chore that begins to impact our well-being. We may simply not have the time to commit to a routine or we resent the time spent cleaning. These are the times when we consider house cleaning services.

Hiring a great cleaner

It stands to reason that hiring a cleaner is a great solution to keeping your house clean. Having the burden of cleaning lifted can be a great relief, freeing time to do other things, whether work or play. So, can you trust a cleaner to do what you need? From the outset, you should be clear about what you want the cleaner to do and how often. Having a plan in mind will ensure you get the most from the time they are in your home. What do you want them to clean, which rooms, and do you want them to carry out other household tasks, such as bed changes or the laundry? Will the cleaner, or the company, do these extra tasks?

The White Cleaning Co is here to help our customers make the best of the time we are with them. We begin by talking through what your expectations are and then provide a plan to achieve them within your budget. Making the most of the time our cleaners spend in your home takes organisation. Our cleaners usually work in pairs. Your team will plan their visit to ensure all the jobs you need them to do are completed to a high standard. They will work out which jobs take longer than others and consider how deep a clean is required. For example, your priorities may be cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms. We also offer a range of extras such as bed changes, laundry services, and ironing services. With careful planning, they will make the most of their scheduled visit.

Good cleaners enjoy their work and take great pleasure when their client is delighted with the outcome. When you hire cleaners, take your time choosing the right people for you. Check any testimonials and ensure they will carry out the jobs that you prioritise. Check they have insurance too.

“They work so hard and with their magical touch they leave my house sparkling and beautiful.”

To tidy first, or not tidy first, that is the question?

Another bugbear in many homes, especially with families is keeping the place tidy. Some of us can live in a bit of a mess, others need a place for everything and everything in place. Whatever style of household what is the form for before your cleaner arrives? And what can you do to keep the mess at a minimum?

If you are hiring a cleaner to clean, then any time spent clearing things away will eat away at time spent on cleaning. It’s a joke we often hear when someone runs around cleaning before the cleaner arrives. There’s no need, but it is helpful that the areas you want us to clean are clear. Mess can be a hindrance to a cleaner.  Examples of areas that are best cleared are floors, and kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Maybe get the household to adopt good habits. Hang coats up when arriving home and have a place for shoes. Make beds in the morning, easy to do when it’s just shaking and straightening a duvet. Clear away dishes and cups after washing up. If there are children in the household have them tidy away toys before bedtime. Many of these easy tasks could be a condition of pocket money.

With The White Cleaning Co, you can add extras to your cleaner’s tasks, such as bed changes and laundry services these can help with tidiness, you only need to ask.

We understand that family life can be hectic, so we don’t mind a bit of a mess. However, a lot of mess means less time for cleaning.

“It has been tricky juggling work & kids this week and the house was probably a lot messier than usual … It was lovely to return to such a clean looking house.”

House cleaning services bring benefits

House cleaning services bring all kinds of benefits to those who take advantage of them. These benefits are as individual as the services provided by The White Cleaning Co. By engaging with our customers from the outset and finding out what services will best meet their needs the stress of cleaning can be lifted away. Regular cleaning keeps on top of things. We all have those weeks where there just isn’t time for dusting, so there is twice the amount to clean the week after. When you know that the cleaning will be done and out of the way it’s a great stress reliever. Not only that, help with the cleaning provides that extra time to do other things such as spending more quality time with family and friends.

“Please thank the team for us. They did a great job and totally took the stress away for us.”

Worries Dispelled

When researching house cleaning services, it is important to think about the reliability and reputation of the cleaners you are inviting into your home. Good quality cleaners will respect you, your home, and your privacy.  They will ensure the security of your home if they attend in your absence. The White Cleaning Co teams were hired not only for their impressive cleaning skills but for their reliability and trustworthiness. We have secure systems in place for households whose keys we retain and have additional services such as house-sitting services, where staff can pop in when you are away giving an additional level of security.

“You and your team always do whatever is asked and I have never once had to worry about who is coming into my home.”

We do more than provide house cleaning services

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With The White Cleaning Co, we know that running a home isn’t only about keeping it clean. There is a multitude of other chores that need doing, week after week. We also provide cleaning services for Airbnb and holiday lets. We provide house management services and concierge services too which are especially helpful for people with home-based businesses.

“You really do offer such a premium service compared to the rest of the cleaners I’ve had.”

The White Cleaning Co is proud of its reputation for quality house cleaning services. However, we are more than a domestic cleaning service, so why not take a look around our website and check the tasks that can be taken from your hands? If you’d like to know more, then get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.