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cleaning windlesham

cleaning windlesham

If you are looking for domestic cleaners in Windlesham that will go that extra mile to make your home sparkle, then you’ve found them in The White Cleaning Co. With over ten years of experience and many satisfied customers, we provide quality, domestic cleaning that matches the needs of your household and situation. Our services begin with a conversation about what you would like done and how often. We want our customers to be thrilled with the service they receive, so what can we do?

We can do any cleaning you want us to do. If it’s a matter of cleaning the kitchen and bathroom and putting the duster around and cleaning the floors weekly, then that’s fine or you might prefer a deeper clean monthly. If you need help decluttering, or want the windows cleaned this too can be factored in as can clearing and cleaning cupboards, fridges or pantries. Whatever you like, it’s a matter of asking.

What is important is that you get the benefit from our visits. Most people value the time it gives them, especially people who are busy at work, running a business or with family matters all week and don’t want to spend their precious weekends doing the cleaning. You might need help due to health matters or simply want time to spend on hobbies or social activities. The end aim is to lift the burden of cleaning from your shoulders. Our hard-working trustworthy staff can visit whether you are home or out, and many clients love to come home to a spotless house smelling super fresh. We hold keys if necessary and where we hold sets of keys, these are stored securely between visits. We bring our products and equipment, though we can use yours if preferred and our keen and honest prices are based on what we do, how often and the size of your property.

Why not get in touch with The White Cleaning Co to see how we can make a difference in your life and bring a shine to your home?