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cleaning services windlesham

For the best in professional and reliable cleaning services, The White Cleaning Co has smart and enthusiastic staff ready to make your home or business shine.

house management services windlesham

house management company windlesham

The White Cleaning Co offers a range of house management services in Windlesham, supporting households of all kinds and going that extra mile to help make life easier. As well as providing an excellent cleaning service we can also support you with your housekeeping, housesitting, concierge, and Airbnb needs. Our friendly staff are ready to lift a range of tasks out of your hands.

With over ten years of experience helping people in their homes, we know how having some of the simpler tasks done for you can make a difference to your lifestyle. It can relieve the stress of knowing that time-consuming jobs are done and out of the way. It could be having the beds made and the laundry sorted and arranging for the ironing to be done or maybe helping with the shopping, even collecting parcels from pick-up points. All The White Cleaning Co’s services are bespoke, and our house management services are available to our customers in Windlesham

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domestic cleaning windlesham

domestic cleaning windlesham

If you are one of those people whose shoulders drop at the thought of having to clean the house, then you’ll no doubt have considered hiring a domestic cleaner. Having someone call into your home and take on the tasks you love to hate can make a huge difference in your life. The White Cleaning Co offers domestic cleaning services in Windlesham, and we have teams of smart, professional cleaners who will take pride in making your home sparkle and handing you a helping of time.

Our cleaning services are bespoke, ensuring what we do makes the biggest difference to you. We are happy to work whether or not you are home at the time and should you be out, as many of our working households are, we can hold keys and ensure your home is secure when we leave. Our staff work in teams of two and you’ll have the same team at each visit, ensuring you get to know and trust them in your home.

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commercial cleaning windlesham

commercial cleaning windlesham

The White Cleaning founder, Katie has a business background and knows that having clean commercial premises is important for staff and visitors alike. Spotless reception areas create a good and lasting impression and clean and sanitary staff areas are important for staff welfare. We offer commercial cleaning in Windlesham and the surrounding area. The service is bespoke, and we work with you to find the optimum time for our visits ensuring the least business disruption.