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The White Cleaning Co was established in 2011 and has built up a reputation for the quality of our cleaning service. One customer told us it was as if her cleaner had a magic wand. We love getting such lovely feedback as it shows we are achieving our aim to be the best cleaning company around. If you are looking for cleaning services in Surrey, then we’d love to wave our wands over your home!

We know that some people agonise over whether to have a cleaner or not. Reasons can be anything from concerns over privacy and security to simply feeling guilty at not being able to do such relatively simple tasks themselves. There is no need for such concerns when employing The White Cleaning Co cleaners in your home. Our staff are professional and trustworthy who respect your privacy. You will get to know your cleaner and trust will be built up giving you confidence whether you are at home or out when your cleaner visits. As for guilt then there’s absolutely no need. Having a cleaner has all kinds of advantages. It can be stressful to know that the cleaning needs doing when there are a hundred and one other things to do. Having a cleaner frees time for working people, busy families, new mums, or retirees, in fact, anyone who’d rather be doing something else.

Other concerns we hear are what products are used, mainly due to allergies. Whilst we use our products and equipment, however, we can use specific brands if you require them because our services are tailored to individual customers. The best way to find out how a cleaner can make a difference to you is by getting in touch.