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house sitting sandhurst

house sitting sandhurst

Whether your home is to be empty for short while, or a longer period, The White Cleaning Co provides house sitting services to our clients in Sandhurst.

House sitting is an option for those times we are away from home to provide peace of mind. We help our customers by checking their properties for holidays, short breaks, working away and even hospital confinements. As well as making sure all is well, our efficient staff can eliminate those tell-tale signs that occupiers are away. This includes opening and closing curtains, removing the post, we can do other tasks too, such as watering plants and ensuring security and timed lighting is working.

The other advantage to our home sitting service is preparing the house for your return. We can make sure it is aired if you’ve been away for some time and switch the heating on if you’re returning from a warm climate in wintertime, in fact, anything that makes your return welcome. Our staff will restock the fridge and store cupboards with staples too.

If your home is to be empty and you’d like to have peace of mind in your absence, then home sitting is a good option and we’re happy to help.