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cleaning sandhurst

cleaning sandhurst

Are you someone who simply doesn’t like cleaning? Perhaps you’re juggling home, work and family. If you’re this person, then no doubt you’ve considered hiring a domestic cleaner. The White Cleaning Co offers quality, bespoke cleaning services in Sandhurst and the surrounding area.

Many people consider hiring a cleaner but can hesitate. The main reasons we hear are cost, security and guilt. People often feel guilty that they should be able to manage these easy tasks. There’s no need. Whilst dusting, vacuuming and cleaning the kitchen and bathroom aren’t difficult we know people feel worn out trying to keep on top of it all. We all know that in our daily lives things crop up that take precedence and then we feel stressed that what needs doing hasn’t been done and we’ve run out of time.  We can resent the time spent on these mundane jobs, so hiring a cleaner is the best solution.

The next concerns are cost and security. Some people are reluctant to hire a cleaner as they worry about having a stranger in their home. Please rest assured that we take great care in our recruitment process and hire the best people who are honest and trustworthy. With the White Cleaning Co, you will get a team of two uniformed professional cleaners. They will be assigned to your contract, so you will have the same team each time allowing you to get to know them and gain trust. Our charges are competitive and based on the amount of work we do, the frequency and the size of your home.  We want your complete satisfaction, so we will have an initial consultation with you to make sure that what we do for you gives you the best value.

Just a few hours of regular cleaning can make all the difference to your quality of life so why not get in touch and see how we can make your life easier.