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laundry marlow

laundry marlow

The White Cleaning Co domestic cleaners can take on extra housekeeping tasks and laundry services are available to customers in Marlow. Household laundry baskets seem to have a life of their own, no sooner are they emptied than they begin to fill, if you have a family it doesn’t take long before it’s full to the brim. Add to that bed linens and towels, and laundry soon piles up, so it’s no wonder that doing the laundry is a popular job for our cleaning teams.

We can do as much or as little as you need. For some customers, it’s simply a case of sorting and popping into the washing machine whilst we get on with making your home sparkling clean. For others it is ensuring all the laundry is done from sorting to drying. Once a washing cycle is over, we can pop items into the dryer or hang them outside on a line. We can organise dry cleaning and we can arrange for bulky items, such as duvets and curtains to be laundered. The amount we do is up to you.

We will always adhere to care instructions and we can do your laundry as a regular job. Alternatively, you can arrange for us to do laundry at certain times. Examples are returning from holidays, maybe things have got on top of you and you need help to clear a backlog, or there are occasions where you are unable to do it yourself.

The White Cleaning Co is here to lend a helping hand and make your life easier. Arranging help with your laundry can be done at your initial consultation, or you can mention laundry services to a member of your cleaning team.