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laundry high wycombe

laundry high wycombe

The White Cleaning Co has laundry services available to our clients in High Wycombe. Whatever kind of household you are in, you will have laundry and it is one of those jobs that takes up time and can build up if not carried out regularly. Add to that those occasions when we have more washing to do than usual, such as returning from holidays or after a spell of bad weather, then it can be difficult to catch up. Having even the most basic help with the laundry can give us time for other things, so our laundry services are tailored to your needs.

We can do as much as you need, from simply sorting the basket and popping washing into your machine for you to deal with later, to washing the items and either tumble drying or hanging them out to dry. Maybe it’s just washing the bed linens, or we can arrange for bulky items such as duvets and curtains to be dry cleaned.

Whatever your laundry needs we are happy to help. So if you have a bustling family with piles of school uniforms at the end of the week, a newborn in the family or simply dislike spending your precious spare time on the laundry, then consider adding laundry services to the jobs we do for you. To find out more ask a member of your cleaning team or mention laundry services at your initial consultation.

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