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cleaning hampshire

cleaning hampshire

The White Cleaning Co has teams of dedicated professional cleaners ready to make a difference in your life.  With over ten years in the business, we offer quality cleaning across Hampshire working with households of all kinds and sizes.  There can be many reasons why people consider engaging a cleaner, perhaps the most common is wanting more time. Time is precious and having a few hours a week freed to do other things can be a blessing. You might work long hours, have caring responsibilities or simply resent the time spent on cleaning that seems no sooner done and it’s all needing attention again. If you dream of coming home to a gleaming house, then read on.

Our staff enjoy what they do and with our bespoke-to-you service will do whatever is agreed. It may be that you enjoy dusting and vacuuming, but cleaning the kitchen and bathroom leaves you cold. You might want a deep clean where items like lighting and woodwork need cleaning or washing down. We take great pride in ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Some people worry about inviting a stranger into their homes. With The White Cleaning Co, you will have the same team each visit and will soon grow to know and trust them, in fact, we sincerely hope you come to cherish their visits because they take the worry of the housework off your shoulders. If you are not going to be home during our visits, you can rest assured that our staff fully understand the need for privacy and security. We can arrange for keys to be collected, or we can hold a key. If we do keep your keys, these are stored securely between uses.

Whatever your household cleaning needs, we are happy to chat and provide a plan just for you.