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ironing services ironing englefield green

ironing services englefield green

One thing is for certain, whether you like to do it or not, ironing the laundry can be a time-consuming task. Do you sometimes wish it could be whisked away and returned all beautifully pressed? Well, it can! The White Cleaning Co offers ironing services to its customers in Englefield Green and arranging ironing services is easy to do. This is usually a 48-hour service where we collect the items and return them two days later beautifully pressed.

Ironing services can come to the aid of all kinds of households from people working all week to those with very young children. This service is especially of benefit to people with school-aged children. Who wouldn’t sigh at the sight of school uniforms sitting in a pile waiting not only to be ironed but to eat away at your precious weekend? It’s not only clothing but also bulky items such as bedding and duvet covers, even the ironing of special items can be arranged. To arrange ironing services, please ask at your initial consultation, or ask your cleaning team.