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domestic cleaning englefield green

domestic cleaning englefield green

If you are looking for quality, trustworthy domestic cleaners in Englefield Green, The White Cleaning Co has eager cleaners who will take great pride in making your home sparkle.

Hiring a cleaner is something many of us consider at some point in our lives and for many reasons. However, the most common of these is time. Cleaning our homes is time-consuming and needs to be repeated week after week. We end up resenting the time spent, whether it’s because you’ve been working all week and don’t want to waste your precious weekends, or you have family commitments taking up your time and it’s stressful trying to fit it all in. Or it may be something you simply dislike doing. Whatever the reason, hiring domestic cleaners is sure to make a difference.

The White Cleaning Co offers a bespoke service, so what is done is entirely up to you. Our prices are based on the amount of work, the size of your property and the frequency at which you wish us to attend. We begin with a conversation and plan out the best way to support you. We aim to be everything you wished for and more. You will be allocated a team of people who are passionate about cleaning and are reliable and trustworthy, so you don’t need to be at home when we call. If you are home, that’s fine and we don’t mind pets either. Where necessary we keep sets of keys and these are stored securely when not in use. We are fully insured in the unlikely event of an accident or breakage.

Another benefit to hiring The White Cleaning Co domestic cleaners is that we offer a range of additional housekeeping services, including laundry, bed changes, ironing services and more.  Whatever help you need, if you are someone who has been considering hiring a cleaner, why not get in touch to find out more?

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