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cleaning services englefield green

The White Cleaning Co has teams of professional staff with a passion for cleaning ready to work in homes and businesses in Englefield Green. Offering bespoke services to suit individual needs and budgets we pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations.

house management services englefield green

house management company englefield green

The White Cleaning Co likes nothing more than making our customers’ lives easier and that is why we’ve developed a range of house management services available to households in Englefield Green. In addition to domestic cleaning, our customers can access a range of housekeeping services, such as laundry and ironing, along with concierge services, housesitting and pet care. We also provide cleaning and housekeeping for Airbnb hosts.

We know from our existing customers what a difference having such help in the home can be for all kinds of situations. In addition to coming home to a sparkling clean home, you could also know that the pile of ironing will have been tackled and the beds changed. We have households with home businesses that find concierge services a boon. If you are looking for more than a cleaning company to support you in your home, then The White Cleaning Co is here for you.

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domestic cleaning englefield green

domestic cleaning englefield green

The White Cleaning Co prides itself on offering exceptional cleaning services and we provide bespoke domestic cleaning in Englefield Green. With over ten years of experience in making people’s homes shine, we know that the most common reason for engaging a domestic cleaner is time. Cleaning the home is a chore that never goes away and whilst not difficult for most to do, it is time-consuming. Our customers are often busy all week and don’t want to spend their precious weekends cleaning the home but get out and about with family and friends. Hiring a domestic cleaner can take away the stress of cleaning and free up your time for other things.

All our services are tailored to your needs and budget, so why not find out how we can help you make the most of your valuable time?

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commercial cleaning englefield green

commercial cleaning englefield green

If you are a business owner and demand your business premises are clean and welcoming, then you need a cleaning company that is reliable and efficient. The White Cleaning Co provides high-quality commercial cleaning in Englefield Green for enterprises of all sizes. We have smart, uniformed staff who are passionate about customer satisfaction. Our bespoke services will ensure a safe, clean environment for you, your employees, and visitors. We arrange an initial consultation where your needs and budget are discussed then we create a cleaning schedule that fits in with your business, ensuring minimal business disruption.