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cleaning egham

cleaning egham

The White Cleaning Co provides professional and high-quality domestic cleaning in Egham and surrounding areas. With over ten years of making people’s homes sparkle and aiming to exceed expectations, we are ready to take the household cleaning out of your hands, freeing you to do the things you much prefer to be doing.

Cleaning the home is one of those must-do tasks that we often resent as it takes up a lot of our valuable time and in no time at all, it all needs doing again. Cleaning is more than putting a duster around and vacuuming. Kitchens and bathrooms take hard work. Many of us think about hiring a domestic cleaner at some time but can be put off for a variety of reasons. Some concerns include worrying about having a stranger in the home, security and just a feeling of failure at not being able to do the work ourselves. None of these need to worry you when hiring The White Cleaning Co. Our staff have been chosen for their enthusiasm and reliability.

Our staff work in teams of two, and you have the same team at each visit. The frequency of their calls is arranged at your initial consultation. You do not need to be home when we call, but if you are, then that fine. We don’t mind pets either.  Our staff bring cleaning equipment and products with them but if you would like us to use specific products then that’s fine. We are fully insured in the unlikely event of an accident or breakage and if we hold a set of keys, these are locked away securely between visits.

What we aim to do is to take away the stress of having to clean your home. We work with all kinds of households whether busy singletons, professional families, families with children, or retirees, we help anyone who would like the time spent on cleaning available for other things. Our services are bespoke, so what we do, and the cost, are all worked out at the initial consultation. If you would like the time you spend cleaning freed up and enjoy having your home sparkling clean, then do get in touch to find out more.