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The White Cleaning Co is proud of our teams of hard-working, cleaners who make a huge difference to the lives of our clients. We provide cleaning services across Buckinghamshire, and we help, families, professionals, home workers, in fact, anyone who needs the time they spend cleaning to be available for other activities. We doubt there is any situation where having a cleaner is not of huge help. We have customers who tell us they’re worn out trying to keep the house going. They may be juggling their time between toddlers and a full-time job or work hard all week and don’t want to spend their free time or weekends on household tasks.

Another concern some people have in having a cleaner is inviting a stranger into their home. This is understandable, but you can rest assured that all The White Cleaning Co’s staff are professionals who understand these concerns and respect confidentiality. You will have the same team and will get to know them enabling trust to build. We can come into your home whether you’ll be present or not, and where we need keys we can make arrangements for their collection or keep copies. Copies are kept securely when not in use. Our cleaners are also used to households with pets, and the pets soon get to recognise them.

Our cleaners enjoy what they do and take great pride in making your home sparkle. Just a few hours a week could make a big difference to your lifestyle and stress levels. The amount of work our cleaners undertake is entirely up to you. We start with an initial consultation to find out what your needs are and your budget and provide a bespoke package unique to you. If you are hesitant, please don’t be, it’s easy to find out if The White Cleaning Co can help you. If you dream of coming home to the house spic and span, do get in touch.