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cleaning bracknell

cleaning bracknell

The White Cleaning Co has built up a reputation for excellent cleaning services and these are available to customers in Bracknell. We have been celebrating our tenth anniversary with some amazing feedback from our clients and we’d love to give you the same experience.

Having a cleaner come into your home and leave it spotless is a dream many people have but are often reluctant for several reasons. These can include worrying about having a stranger in the home, feelings of guilt over having someone do relatively easy tasks, and, of course, cost. We hope we can alleviate these concerns and provide you with a service that’s second to none. A service, that will change your life by taking away the stress of chores and freeing up time to spend with family, friends or doing your own thing.

Firstly, security. We only employ trustworthy staff who are committed to providing the high quality of service we expect of them and for which our customers hire us. You will have the same team allocated to you and you will soon get to know them allowing trust, and confidence to be built. We don’t mind whether you are at home when we visit, and you can rest assured that your privacy and security are respected should you be out when we call. The other worry, guilt, is quite common, but there’s nothing to feel guilty about. Having a cleaner has many advantages from allowing quality time for yourself and your family to relieving stress and freeing up relaxation time. A cleaner supports busy people, the self-employed, new mums, in fact, anyone who would benefit from a helping hand in the home. The final concern, cost, is settled when you have your consultation because our cleaning services are unique to you, your home situation, and your budget. You’ve nothing to lose from finding out more.

Our cleaning teams bring along the products and equipment they need for their work, however, should you want them to use specific products, or your equipment then just let us know. We are fully insured and where we keep keys these are stored securely when not in use. We aim to be the best cleaning company around and if you’d like to find out more give us a call, we’d love to make a difference in your life.