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house sitting binfield

house sitting binfield

The team of cleaners from The White Cleaning Co who keep your home sparkling are the same at each visit, so you get to know and trust them, so who better to help out when you are away from home?

Leaving your property empty for a length of time, whether you are going away on a holiday, for business, or even for a stay in the hospital can be unnerving. You may have a friendly neighbour who can pop in to check all is well. You might also have a range of technological items to help out, such as smart lights and a camera doorbell. But if you don’t have these, or other jobs want doing in your absence that need the human touch, then The White Cleaning Co can help out.

As well as an extra layer of security our staff can carry out those jobs that can’t be automated. They can do simple things, such as opening and closing curtains, picking up the post, and turning on lights. Simply eliminating those tell-tale signs that there’s no one at home. But our staff can do much more. They can be around to meet and greet tradespeople, such as if you need your boiler serviced or there’s a home emergency in your absence.  They can prepare your home for your return by airing rooms, and filling the store cupboard and fridge with staples – who doesn’t need a good cup of tea or coffee after walking through the door after a long journey?

Our house-sitting services also cover second homes, so we can offer regular security checks or make them ready for guests. Whatever your house-sitting needs, why not ask your The White Cleaning Co team or mention house-sitting at your initial consultation?

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