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airbnb housekeeping binfield

airbnb housekeeping binfield

The White Cleaning Co offers bespoke Airbnb housekeeping services in Binfield and the surrounding area. Our teams of professional cleaners provide high-quality changeovers and meet if not exceed Airbnb’s 5-step cleaning process. We provide a range of housekeeping services also, so if you are looking for help with your Airbnb, look no further.

Our cleaners love their work and will certainly ensure your premises sparkle. We can clean fridges and cupboards, and make the kitchen and bathrooms shine. But there’s more to a changeover than cleaning. We can change beds, towels, and other linens and arrange for them to be laundered. We can restock cupboards with the staples you provided, such as tea bags, butter, and sugar. We can restock bathroom items with shampoos and soaps, or whatever you offer to your visitors.  We will remove and dispose of waste from bins. Importantly, we will ensure you are informed of any breakages or malfunctions, such as boiler malfunctions. We can even source tradespeople to repair these. All this is available to you and we work by holding an initial consultation where you tell us what you want and your budget and we will work out a schedule to meet those needs as best we can within that budget.

As an Airbnb owner who wants to provide the best offer to your visitors, you know that consistently high standards are needed, especially if you want to maintain those great reviews. Keeping up with those standards is hard work, so you might feel that you need a helping hand. You also need a reliable and trustworthy company that will not let you down. The White Cleaning Co strives to exceed our customers’ expectations, so why not get in touch and let us help you?

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