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house sitting beaconsfield

house sitting beaconsfield

Taking care of your property in your absence is a job where you need someone you can trust. The White Cleaning Co employs hard-working, reliable staff who undertake our house-sitting services in Beaconsfield.

Whether you are away on holiday or business, or you have a second home that requires monitoring, then for peace of mind you need someone to keep a watch over it. A good idea is to have video surveillance in your absence and use smart technology to switch lights on and off at various times which will give the property a lived-in look. But there are things that technology cannot achieve, The White Cleaning Co’s house-sitting service can be as little as a daily visit to move the post, open and close curtains and check things over to a whole list of things that might need doing.

Our staff can be around to meet tradesmen, for example, if your boiler needs servicing and you’re going to be away. They will stay in your home until the job is done and ensure the property is left secure. Another popular house-sitting service is ensuring that fridges and cupboards are cleared and cleaned and then when the time comes for your return, restock them with staples. Heating can be put on so the house is warm and you have hot water, and the property can be aired.

Second homes can have a regular property check if they are to be left empty for some time. We endeavour to reassure our customers so that they can enjoy their time away from home for whatever reason.

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