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ironing services beaconsfield

ironing services beaconsfield

Are you staring at a pile of ironing and wishing it would disappear? Can you think of dozens of other things you’d prefer to be doing? Then why not take advantage of The White Cleaning Co’s ironing service in Beaconsfield?

This is a simple service available to our domestic cleaning clients where the cleaning teams arrange for your ironing to be whisked away to be returned, usually within forty-eight hours, beautifully pressed. This can apply to any household laundry from school uniforms and work shirts and blouses, to bulky items such as duvet covers and other bedding.

Ironing services can be arranged when it best suits you and can also be for one-off times, such as returning from holiday or during illness or incapacity. Whatever the reason, if you’re looking to free up the time you usually take or want the satisfaction of knowing another chore is out of your hands, then mention ironing services at your initial consultation or speak to your cleaning team.

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