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laundry beaconsfield

laundry beaconsfield

If you are looking for a domestic cleaning service that will also help with the laundry, then you’ve come to the right place. The White Cleaning Co offers laundry services for our clients in Beaconsfield.

Whatever the type of household, the laundry can pile up, especially during the wintertime when good outdoor drying days can be few and far between. For busy households, especially those with children, keeping on top of the laundry is a must. If you are finding this tough, then why not ask for help? It doesn’t need to be much, if you have The White Cleaning Co cleaning teams visiting, all you need to do is ask. Help can be as simple as popping washing, such as linens following a bed change, into your machine for you to deal with later. Our staff can sort washing, wash it and pop it into a tumble drier or hang it outside. They can do this whilst making your home spic and span.  We can arrange laundry of bulky items such as curtains or duvets and arrange cleaning or dry-cleaning of special items.

All our services are designed to your requirements, so mention laundry services at your consultation or ask a member of your cleaning team.

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