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bed changes beaconsfield

bed changes beaconsfield

Whilst bed changes are not part of a cleaning routine, having the bed made makes all the difference to the appearance of the bedroom. Also, bed changes can be a heavy job for some, so it makes sense to ask your domestic cleaner to carry out this task for you. This is why bed changes are offered by The White Cleaning Co to our customers in Beaconsfield.

What we do is entirely up to you. It could be a case of shaking the duvet and plumping pillows or we can strip the linens and put them into the laundry basket. We can turn mattresses – a job that is often too heavy for one person that is made light work as our cleaners work in teams. The beds can be remade with fresh linens to your instructions, including any decorative items such as runners, bolsters and decorative cushions.

If you have our laundry service the used linens can be dealt with to your requirements. We can also arrange the laundry of the duvets themselves, which we can change according to the season if you wish.

If you no longer want to wrestle with your household’s duvet covers why not add bed changes to your cleaning regime? Simply tell us at your initial consultation or ask a member of your cleaning team.

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