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cleaning services ascot

We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional cleaning service , be it in relation to home management or your The White Cleaning Co provides high-class, professional cleaning services for homes and businesses across Ascot and surrounding areas. All our services are bespoke, and we aim to surpass your expectations.

house management services ascot

house management company ascot

The The White Cleaning Co’s house management services aim to lift the burden of household chores and free up your time to do the things you’d rather be doing. Housekeeping is more than keeping a house clean, there are a whole host of additional tasks that steal away your time. We support busy parents, people working away, those working from home and people who just need an extra pair of hands with heavier work.

Our house management services for Ascot households include cleaning, laundry, house sitting, pet care and concierge services. As with all our house management contracts, they are tailored to your needs and situation. We strive to make your life easier by taking those time-consuming tasks out of your hands.

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domestic cleaning ascot

domestic cleaning ascot

Domestic cleaning is the job we’d all like to not have to do, yet it is something that must be done regularly to keep our homes safe and healthy. Sometimes this simple, yet time-consuming work can get on top of us, especially in busy households. The answer is, of course, to hire a domestic cleaner. When you hire a cleaner, you need to be sure that they are reputable and reliable. We have teams of enthusiastic staff who take great pride in their work and are honest and dependable.

The White Cleaning Co has professional domestic cleaners in Ascot ready to make your life a lot easier. We can do as little or as much as you wish because our services are unique to you and your situation. If you dream of coming home to a spotlessly clean house, then give our domestic cleaning services a try.

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commercial cleaning ascot

commercial cleaning ascot

Keeping your business premises clean is even more important in these post-Covid 19 days. Whether it’s office areas, reception areas or restrooms, cleanliness is paramount for the health and safety of staff and visitors alike. The White Cleaning Co has teams of smart, professional cleaners ready to come into your business and make it sparkle. Your contract with The White Cleaning Co commercial cleaning service is customised to your business. We set out the cleaning to be undertaken and, importantly, we ensure that our visits are timed to be the most convenient for you.