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cleaning services addlestone

For professional, reliable domestic and commercial cleaning in Addlestone, The White Cleaning Co has teams of enthusiastic staff ready to make your home or premises shine.

house management services addlestone

house management company addlestone

The White Cleaning Co offers the best in domestic cleaning services, but we are far more than that. We can provide a range of house management services designed around you that can lift the burden of domestic chores, leaving you free for more important things. Whether you need more time for work, family, or leisure having domestic cleaners is just the start, we can help with housekeeping, and concierge services and we support Airbnb hosts too.

All our staff are hard-working, friendly professionals who pride themselves on making a difference in our customers’ lives. Whether you dream of returning home to a house spotlessly clean and smelling amazing or there are jobs on that to-do list that you wish would go away, then why not give us a try?

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domestic cleaning addlestone

domestic cleaning addlestone

Are you seeking professional domestic cleaners in Addlestone? Then look no further than The White Cleaning Co. We employ enthusiastic teams who like nothing better than taking away the burden of cleaning from householders and leaving homes spic and span. We support all kinds of people from busy families, people juggling home and office, those with caring responsibilities along with people who simply don’t like cleaning. Having a cleaner carry out these jobs frees you up for other things whether work or leisure and can make a big difference to your life.

All The White Cleaning Co’s domestic cleaning services are bespoke, and we provide an initial consultation where we talk about your needs and wishes. This, along with the frequency of visits and the size of the property ensures we provide the best value service. Why not find out how we can give you that extra time you yearn for?

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commercial cleaning addlestone

commercial cleaning addlestone

Whatever the size of your company, if you have business premises, then you will want to keep them clean, not only for the health and safety of your staff, but to create a good impression for visitors and customers. The White Cleaning Co offers professional commercial cleaning services in Addlestone. Following an initial consultation, we will provide a cleaning schedule that meets your needs and budget that will be undertaken at a time that ensures the least disruption to your business. If you are a business owner and want hard-working, reliable cleaners, then give The White Cleaning Co a call.