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Best AirBnb Cleaning – giving your guests the five-star treatment


As an Airbnb host you will know that cleanliness is a top priority, so how do you go about making sure your property hits the mark? Maybe you need help with cleaning your property? If so, you will want the best Airbnb cleaning around.  How do you go about ensuring you achieve the standards needed to get those top reviews? And if you need help, what should you look for in a cleaning company to get the best service and achieve the quality you aim for?

Airbnb has grown enormously and now forms a big part of the hospitality industry. People use Airbnb not only for travel but accommodation for all kinds of reasons including remote working, visiting friends and relations, reunions, the list is endless. Whatever the reason your guest is staying, one of the qualities they are looking for is cleanliness. Airbnb says: ‘listings with a cleanliness rating of 4.8 or above received 20% more bookings compared to those with lower cleanliness ratings.’

How to create the best Airbnb cleaning routine

A property should be cleaned and sanitised after every let. Airbnb’s 5-step enhanced cleaning process gives a good guide as to what should be done. They also suggest that hosts set up a robust cleaning strategy, which begins with a good routine. By doing so they will create a clean and healthy environment for their guests.

An example of a routine would be:

  • Open windows to allow the rooms to air.
  • Strip beds and collect towels to begin the laundry.
    • Depending upon the size of your property and number of guests, you may need several loads. Alternatively, you could send the linens away for laundering.
  • Clean the bathrooms and kitchen.
    • These are big jobs. It is essential to ensure that things like shower screens and curtains are stain free, toiletries are filled or replaced, and the chrome shines.
    • Kitchen appliances need to be checked and cleaned. The insides of ovens and microwaves, spotless sinks, crumb-free cupboards and clean and clear fridges and freezers. All cooking utensils must be clean.
    • Empty bins and clean them, these can smell, even if liners are used.
  • Clean and dust surfaces.
    • Don’t forget the out of the way places such as high shelves, skirting boards and door panels, these all collect dust.
    • Surfaces, especially tables and kitchen surfaces should be sanitised. Door handles and light switches are places that can collect germs and grime.
  • Make the beds with fresh linens and put fresh towels out. Plump cushions and shake out throws.
  • Vacuum carpets, sweep, mop, and polish hard floors.

TIP: Don’t neglect underneath beds and behind sofas. Dust collects here and objects can be dropped by guests and forgotten about.

You will need to allow enough time to follow your routine, and keeping to time can be stressful, especially when a quick changeover is needed. The way to do this is to create a checklist that you can print and mark off the tasks as you go, ensuring nothing is missed. You can find checklists for Airbnb cleaning online. What this shows is that to keep up the high standards expected by your guests, an awful lot of work, time, and attention to detail is required. So, do you need the help of professional cleaners? What are the costs and benefits of hiring cleaners and what should you look for when researching who to engage?

Charging for cleaning

Begin by checking other similar Airbnb properties to see what those hosts charge. When working out your cleaning fees, as well as your time, it is a good idea to price items separately. For example, the cost of laundry, shampoos and soaps, and cleaning products. At the same time, for comparison, check out the cost of a cleaning company.

Cleaning fees charged to guests are at the host’s discretion. Some hosts prefer to include the cost of cleaning within the rental charge. Otherwise, cleaning fees are additional to rental charges. Guests should be able see the fees up front when booking. This means two things. Firstly, guests expect the place to be spotlessly clean when they arrive. They will expect your premises to appear as they do on your promotional photographs. Secondly, because a fee is charged, especially with an additional charge, getting help with cleaning your Airbnb is affordable.

Engaging help for the best Airbnb cleaning

When engaging help for the best Airbnb cleaning look for recommendations and for a cleaning company, such as The White Cleaning Co, that offers bespoke services that will work with you to create a tailored routine. Bespoke services work with the customer and will do the work agreed to, rather than what they can fit into an allotted time. A good cleaning company will bring their own cleaning products, though you will still need to supply some for the guest’s use.

Some hosts will use a management company to handle everything about the let, from the listing to cleaning. If you are considering this, check out who they will employ to carry out changeovers and cleaning. The White Cleaning Co works with Airbnb Management Companies to provided high-quality cleaning.

TIP: The less clutter, the easier the clean. Knick-knacks and ornaments might look homely, but they will need dusting. This, plus moving them to dust the surface they’re sitting on, takes up valuable time.

Risks of a hurried clean

There are times when a property is in demand. For example, if your Airbnb is in a seaside resort and its high season. You will want your property to achieve its maximum potential at this time, but this means quick changeovers.

You will need to set your check-in and check-out times to allow for the changeover. You need to give yourself enough time to complete the work to the high standards that you are trying to achieve. One thing that can be on your side is that holiday lets tend to be for longer periods, a week or even two, which gives you breathing space between lets. However, maybe your let is a city apartment or a property near a tourist town. Breaks could be for only a night or two, meaning the frequency of guests departing and new ones arriving can mean a lot of work. Whatever the type of Airbnb you offer you must keep to your timings for your changeovers otherwise you might end up missing something and it being an issue for your guests, leading to a bad review.

The location of your Airbnb will also have a bearing of the type of dirt and mess that can accumulate.  For example, a property in the countryside could mean a need for boot stores and more mud being walked in. A seaside property can mean sandy floors in wet rooms and bathrooms, including towels. Allowing pets can mean muddy paw marks and hair. If you have a property that might attract these additional cleaning tasks, then take them into account when working out your schedule. If you engage a cleaning company, be sure to mention these issues.

Avoid cutting corners for the best Airbnb cleaning

If you want the best Airbnb cleaning, you will need to keep to your timings without cutting corners. You need to stick to the schedule you have set yourself. Using your checklist, as suggested above, will help keep to time. However, occasionally you might have guests who leave your property messy, and this can mean added cleaning time. The alternative is to engage the help of professional cleaners.

Professional cleaners such as The White Cleaning Co are used to keeping to time and schedule. They have methods and systems that speed up the process without compromising quality. Additionally, The White Cleaning Co will take before and after photographs where a property has been left in a poor condition, as this avoids complaints from the next guests.

TIP: Hospitality guests detest finding hair. A risk especially if you are a pet friendly establishment. Invest in a good quality roller such as Scotch Brite or Oxo that will pick up hair from beds and upholstery.

Here are Airbnb’s own schedule that can be used as headings for your checklist:

  • All surfaces are dusted and cleaned.
  • All floors are vacuumed or swept and mopped.
  • All areas are free of bugs, pests, cobwebs, mould, and stains.
  • All linen and towels are clean, fresh and stain free.
  • All beds are remade, fluffed and lint rolled.
  • All toilets, sinks, showers, and baths are cleaned and disinfected.
  • All shampoo, body wash, hand soap or washing-up liquid is refilled.
  • All personal items are stored out of sight.
  • All dishes, cookware and utensils are clean and put away.
  • All kitchen appliances, including the fridge, cooker and oven are clean and ready for use. No leftover food is in the fridge.
  • All rubbish is taken out.
  • The space smells fresh and clean.

Why you need the best Airbnb cleaning

Cleanliness shows that a host is committed to their guests, keeping them safe and comfortable. Cleanliness is a huge part of an Airbnb offer. Cleaning thoroughly and to high standards takes time and organisation, so having professional help can make a big difference not only to your rental offer but also to your lifestyle. A great cleaning company, like The White Cleaning Co, employs experienced, professional staff. They have tackled all kinds of cleaning jobs and have routines and methods that ensure they leave a property sparkling. We begin with a consultation, so we get to know you, your Airbnb and how best to support you within your budget. A service that works with you doing the jobs on your schedule that meet your needs, that is flexible